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hair follicles

EPISCAN image of Skin showing Hair Follicles

High frequency ultrasound can provide both qualitative and quantitative data in the whole arena of aesthetics and plastic surgery.  Tests have shown that the impact of treatment such as laser skin rejuvenation can be detected earlier with ultrasound, and the technology can validate new devices and treatments.  The EPISCAN enables clinicians and patients to see the impact of treatments often before visual signs are apparent.  Further, Longport’s scanner can be a powerful marketing tool for any aesthetics center, as they are able to show the impact of treatments in a new way and retain records for future visits.

Tracking and analyzing the effects of skin care products and procedures through high-resolution digital ultrasound imaging of the human skin is an exciting and dynamic technology that promises to transform the skin care industry!


The demand for cosmeceuticals in the US will increase 7.4 percent annually through 2016, driven by an aging population seeking to maintain the appearance of youth. Antioxidants will remain the largest chemical category while botanicals and enzymes stay among the best opportunities. Injectables and skin care products will register the fastest growth.

pre injection

Pre Injection

post injection

Post Injection

These images, which show changes resulting from an interdermal injection, help to monitor the effectiveness of therapy and provide evidence to the client the impact the procedure had on their skin. When such treatments are in the form of injectables, the EPISCAN can guide the clinician to the targeted dermal plane.

HRUS can similarly image fillers and implants.

subdermal filler

Subdermal Filler




Cellulite is fatty deposit causing a dimpled or uneven appearance, as around the thighs and buttocks. It occurs almost exclusively in women.

celulite high frequency

High Frequency Ultrasound
Image of Cellulite

While harmless, the dimpled appearance is a cause of concern for some people. The cosmetics industry claims to offer many of what it calls remedies. Remedies include various applications of lotions, laser and other light treatments, radio frequency energy, liposuction as well as diet and exercise; all which act on fatty and connective tissue. All methods require continual follow-up to maintain reduced levels of cellulite.

The EPISCAN can image cellulite and monitor the effectiveness of treatments.


Chemical Peels, Facials and Electrotherapeutic procedures

The EPISCAN is currently being used to evaluate the impact of various skin rejuvenating treatments.

before peel

Before Peel

after peel

After Peel

Collagen formation, an important aspect of anti-wrinkle treatments, can be visualized at an early stage (prior to visual indications) following treatment, and fat thickness can be measured quickly and accurately. HRUS can visually scan, track, and prove a product’s ability to penetrate into the dermal layers of the skin.  The ultrasound scan can provide an image that reveals an increase in hydration, fiber plumpness, and progressive activation in collagen production.

dermus not exposed

Dermus Not Exposed to Direct Sun Light

dermus exposed

Dermus After Prolonged Exposure
to Sun Light

Note the increase thickness of the dermis in the sun exposed image also, the reduced intensity of reflections from the upper, papillary, region of the dermis in the sun exposed area, indicating a weaker collagen structure.

Image Analysis

In addition to providing clinicians with clear high resolution images of the skin Longport is developing algorithms to numerically represent changes in skin structure. These techniques are described more fully in the Research section of this site.

sun exposure graph   No Sun Sun Exposed
Median Intensity 24 14
Mean 0.314 0.179
Variance 0.126 0.072
Relative Dispersion (%) 88.55 66.62


High resolution ultrasound can be used to image scars, acne and other skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis and the impact of treatments.  These are also discussed in the Dermatology section of this site.

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