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Episcan I-200

The EPISCAN is a high resolution ultrasound (HRUS) imaging system that utilizes ultrasound at frequencies as high as 50 MHz to image the skin and underlying soft tissue. The system has been designed to provide users with images of very high resolution and clarity and offers a user friendly interface enabling the EPISCAN to be utilized in broad range of clinical applications as well as in research and development. The EPISCAN enables the examination of tissue at a microscopic level without the need to perform damaging biopsies.

longport epsican unit

episcan example scanThe high imaging resolution of the EPISCAN differentiates it from main stream ultrasound imaging systems, which offer deeper imaging capability, but substantially less resolving capability than the EPISCAN. Subtle changes in thickness, density and fluid content can be clearly appreciated. This information can be utilized for a number of reasons. The human skin is the largest organ of the body. Pathology like chronic wounds, burns, skin cancers and skin lesions are very common. Also, the skin is affected by a number of systemic diseases making it a great indicator of these afflictions. High resolution ultrasound images provide the clinician with detailed anatomical information that can lead to better and more accurate treatments.

The EPISCAN has gained FDA marketing clearance and a CE mark. Our FDA clearance K062571 is summarized by the following statement.

The EPISCAN I-200 high-resolution ultrasound system is a specialized system for imaging the skin and underlying soft tissue. It is intended for use by clinicians, or under the direction of physicians for imaging and analysis in research environments as well as clinical settings including medical / surgical dermatology assessment and diagnosis (aesthetic and therapeutic), plastic / reconstructive surgical planning, wound assessment and management, skin assessment for pressure ulcer detection and prevention and superficial musculoskeletal diagnosis.

For more specific information on the EPISCAN I-200 and accessories, view our Technology.

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