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Welcome to Longport

High Resolution Ultrasound

Welcome to Longport, INC


Introducing the Episcan I-200

Our high frequency ultrasound imaging system


Ultrasound Imaging Applications

Dermatology / Aesthetics / Wound Assessment / Research

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The EPISCAN is able to image the human skin to very high resolution and to differentiate between subtle changes in tissue structure.



High frequency ultrasound can provide both qualitative and quantitative data in the whole arena of aesthetics and plastic surgery.

Wound Assessment

wound assesment

WoundSource Badge ModThe EPISCAN can be a valuable tool in the assessment of all types of chronic wounds.



The EPISCAN is finding use in a wide range of research, testing and product validation activities in many fields.

Welcome to Longport Inc

Longport is a Delaware corporation, incorporated in 1993. Since 1999 Longport's focus has been on high resolution medical ultrasound. Longport's mission is to become a premier provider of advanced, high resolution imaging systems that enhance the prevention, assessment and treatment of medical conditions.

episcan full unitThe annual cost of skin diseases in the USA is $45 billion; additionally over $10 billion is spent annually on aesthetic procedures. Longport’s technology can significantly impact many aspects of this market.

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Episcan In Action

The higher resolution and clarity of the images obtained using the EPISCAN set it apart from other mainstream ultrasound imaging systems.

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EPISCAN 1-200 User Reviews

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I am thoroughly impressed with your resp…

30-12-2014 Hits:12164 Testimonials Dolia Design Developer

"I am thoroughly impressed with your responsiveness and ability to get this back to me so quickly." Elizabeth Proos, BD Medical

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This imaging process provides confirmati…

30-12-2014 Hits:8517 Testimonials Dolia Design Developer

"This imaging process provides confirmation of clinical results, the non-invasive documentation of pathology of the skin, and proof of efficacy of skin care products and treatment procedures." Agular and Feste, The Evaluation of...

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An effective tool for the investigation …

30-12-2014 Hits:8076 Testimonials Dolia Design Developer

"High-resolution ultrasound is an effective tool for the investigation of skin and soft tissue changes consistent with the documented pathogenesis of pressure ulcers." Quintavalle et al, Use of High-Resolution, High-Frequency Diagnostic Ultrasound to...

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A high number of pressure ulcers has bee…

08-10-2014 Hits:7787 Testimonials Dolia Design Developer

"Because such a high number of pressure ulcers has been prevented, patients have been able to continue with therapy and, at times, have had a more rapid discharge to home or to...

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The ultrasound scanner has more than met…

08-10-2014 Hits:7919 Testimonials Dolia Design Developer

"The ultrasound scanner has more than met our expectation for reducing pain and suffering caused by preventable pressure ulcers." A New Look at Pressure Ulcers, Provider Magazine, by B. Osman and M. Kernodle

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Possibly saved thousands of dollars in w…

08-10-2014 Hits:7792 Testimonials Dolia Design Developer

“Due in part to the decrease in incidence of pressure ulcers, liability insurance rate were decreased upon renewal.  Incorporation of this new technology has drastically decreased the pain and suffering of the...

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Nurses’ treatment time has been better u…

07-10-2014 Hits:8041 Testimonials Dolia Design Developer

"The incidence of pressure ulcers at Hawfields had dropped to 2% in February 2007, from 7% in September 2005, and the nurses’ treatment time has been better utilized in other direct-care patient...

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This device takes the guess work out of …

07-10-2014 Hits:7812 Testimonials Dolia Design Developer

"Up until now, nurses have been limited to a two-dimensional picture and the presence of exudates for assessing a wound. With this scanner we can see if healing has taken place in...

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Visualizing wound characteristics which …

07-10-2014 Hits:8562 Testimonials Dolia Design Developer

"High frequency ultrasound could be used to image and quantify changes in wounds as a means of non-invasively visualizing wound characteristics which would otherwise be missed using standard visual assessments alone." British Journal...

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