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The skin although subject to many diseases, conditions and injuries has not been well catered for by imaging technology, beyond tissue damaging biopsies and subsequent histology. The EPISCAN is allowing clinicians and researchers working in applications such as wound care and prevention, aesthetics and dermatology to non-invasively image soft tissue structures with the resolution and ease of use needed in a clinical environment.

scan comparisons

Above Left: Conventional Ultrasound Image of Fetus

Above Right: EPISCAN Image of the Skin

The dotted lines between the images show the comparative zoom factor between the images, with 5mm being the smallest marked distance on the conventional image, but is the whole EPISCAN image. (Note that these images are not of the same subject).

The EPISCAN is an ultrasound imaging tool, but is differentiated from conventional ultrasound systems by its resolution. We can image a hair follicle within the human skin while conventional ultrasound often can't see the skin at all.

The EPISCAN cannot image as deep as conventional ultrasound and is designed to image the first 15mm or so of soft tissue. This region accounts for some $55 billion of expenditure in the USA alone each year.

The imaging capability of the EPISCAN is finding application in:

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