Longport, Inc. to attend the Fall Symposium on Advanced Wound Care and Wound Healing Society (SAWC/WHS) Meeting, to be held September 12 - 14 in Baltimore.

More than 2,000 physicians, podiatrists, nurses, therapists, scientists from academia and allied healthcare professionals are expected to attend this symposium.

Look for Longport at booth 1003!


EPISCAN used to Assess Wound Healing

Recently a study was conducted to evaluate the effect of delivering a pulsed electrical current into non-healing wounds. Longport's EPISCAN was used in this study to scan the wounds non-invasively, allowing high-resolution images of the wound bed to be obtained and through analysis of these images a numerical representation of the wound state to be obtained. This gave researchers quantitative data on wound healing and the impact of the treatment being evaluated.

The EPISCAN can be similarly used to quantify the healing of wounds in clinical environments and the effectiveness of treatments, which can differ from person to person. This information can then be used to optimize treatment protocols.

Study to evaluate the effect of low-intensity pulsed electrical currents on levels of oedema in chronic non-healing wounds

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Journal of Wound Care vol. 20(8): 268-273.


Longport, Inc. announces relocation to new facility in Chadds Ford.

Longport today announced it has moved into new offices located at the Brandywine Two Building, 5 Christy Drive, Suite 303, Chadds Ford, PA, 19317-9667. The Company's new phone number is 610-361-9100 and the new fax number is 610-361-9120. The new facility will better accommodate the company's current needs.


Longport, Inc. to attend the Stepping Stone to Excellence in Wound Care Conference, to be held September 25th in Richmond, Virginia

This conference, organized by Virginia Commonwealth University, serves to provide nurses, nurse practitioners, physical therapists, physicians and other members of the healthcare team with the necessary stepping stones to enhance their wound care practice.

Longport is also attending the Capital District WOCN 7th Annual Teaching Day, to be held September 24th in Albany, New York.

Recently a study was conducted to assess the efficacy of high-frequency diagnostic ultrasound in the assessment of dermal filler longevity using Longport’s EPISCAN, a high frequency ultrasound scanner. This study demonstrated the ability of the EPISCAN to provide a non-invasive, convenient, and rapid technique to assess the performance of fillers.

Use of high-frequency ultrasound in the assessment of injectable dermal fillers

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Skin Research and Technology 2008, Vol 14: 1-4

Longport Announced Sale of Scanners to National Long Term Care Group

Longport, Inc. has announced the sale of 13 EPISCAN ultrasound scanners to a senior care facilities operator.  This sale is a direct result of a study conducted with this purchasing group for the last two years.  The impressive results of this study have led them to make this purchase. The EPISCAN will be used as part of the facilities’ admission process and for regularly ongoing skin assessment protocols. 
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Longport Extends Pressure Ulcer Prevention Sales into Rehabilitation and Acute Care

Longport Inc has announced that it has made sales into new sectors including transitional care/rehabilitation and acute hospitals.  Use link below to see further information including how due to the CMS rule change the EPSICAN will be an integral factor in hospitals. Read Announcement...

The Use of Technology for Improved Pressure Ulcer Prevention

As technology such as ultrasound is incorporated into assessment protocols, clinicians will improve their ability to assess and manage threats to skin integrity that may not be readily apparent in overt skin changes. Proving the cost-effectiveness of such practices will further the cause of prevention and save time, effort, and suffering.

Ostomy Wound Management, April 2007, Vol53, Issue 4

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Recently a study was conducted to observe and measure the process of hydration in foam dressings using Longport’s EPISCAN high frequency ultrasound scanner.  Longport has used the EPISCAN previously to look at the effectiveness of wound dressing, but not to assess changes in the wound dressing itself as described in this paper. 

Use of ultrasound to characterize the fluid-handling characteristics of four foam wound dressings

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JWC Vol 16 (10), pg 425-431, 2007

New CMS Ruling - Reimbursement for Hospital-Acquired Pressure Ulcers to Cease

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Facility Comments on the use of the EPISCAN

In an article entitled “State works to ease bedsore problem” staff of Wesley Health Care Center in Saratoga Springs, New York have commented on the use of Longport’s EPISCAN to prevent pressure ulcers.

Jackie Hunt, nursing supervisor referring to the EPISCAN said "You can visualize what's going on under the skin" "It's like you have X-ray eyes."

The article goes on to state “The ultrasound device, called Episcan, allows Hunt to see if any pockets of liquid are forming in the two centimetres of flesh under the skin's surface, where pressure ulcers fester before breaking through the outer layer.
If caught in the early stages, sores can be prevented by changing the patient's position and using foam mattresses or special boots to protect the skin. Once a wound has opened, it is much more difficult to heal.”

The article was published in The Albany Times-Union on August 20th, 2007.

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EPISCAN Cost Benefit Results Presented at 20th Annual Symposium on Advanced Wound Care and Wound Healing Society Meeting, April 2007

A poster entitled “Cost-Benefit of the EPISCAN Ultrasound System in Extended Care Rehabilitation Units” was presented by Ronald J. Shannon, MPH at the above meeting. The conclusions presented are:

“We conclude that EPISCAN, in extended care rehabilitation units, is a cost-benefit to providers for preventing costly pressure ulcers. The expected cost savings for the at-risk patient is approximately $5,300.00 per resident over a 1 year period. The decision to use EPISCAN was very robust and changed only when the incidence of pressure ulceration was below 3.0% in the standard evidence-based group.  When used routinely, the EPISCAN skin ultrasound diagnosis will be cost-effective approximately 74% of the time.”

Impact of EPISCAN in Long Term Care
– Customer’s Prospective

The April 2007 addition of Provider Magazine contained an article entitled  “A New Look at Pressure Ulcers” written by BILL OSMAN, RN, Director of Nursing and MAX H. KERNODLE, Administrator of Presbyterian Home of Hawfields, Mebane, N.C this article reflects the impact the EPISCAN has had on their facility. The article contains the following statements

“The incidence of pressure ulcers at Hawfields had dropped to 2 percent in February 2007, from 7 percent in September 2005, and the nurses’ treatment time has been better utilized in other direct-care patient issues such as teaching, documentation, and assessment-related procedures.”

“Due in part to the decrease in incidence of pressure ulcers, liability insurance rates were decreased upon renewal. Incorporation of this new technology has drastically decreased the pain and suffering of the patients at Hawfields and possibly saved thousands of dollars in wound-treatment costs. It is even possible that the facility may have circumvented costly lawsuits.”

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A New Weapon Against Pressure Ulcers - Handout

Download Longport’s latest handout on the use of the EPISCAN in pressure ulcer prevention here.


Wesley Health Care Center Comment on their Experience with Longport’s EPISCAN

The Wesley Health Care Center, The Wesley Community’s skilled nursing facility, in Saratoga Springs, NY comment on their involvement in a cost benefit analysis study including their experience using the EPISCAN for the early detection and prevention of pressure ulcers. Read Article... 


Longport Technology Obtains Extended FDA Marketing Clearance

Longport Inc has announced that its EPISCAN high frequency ultrasound scanner has gained additional FDA marketing clearance. Use link below to see further information including indications of use data. Read Announcement...


A paper presenting the high frequency ultrasound pathology of pressure ulcers and the utility of this technology in the early detection of pressure ulcers published in Advances in Skin and Wound Care

Use of High-Resolution, High-Frequency Diagnostic Ultrasound to Investigate the Pathogenesis of Pressure Ulcer Development. Read Abstract...

Advances in Skin & Wound Care. 19(9):498-505, November/December 2006


Wound assessment study using Longport’s technology reported in British Journal of Nursing

Has Packing Sinus Wounds Become a Ritualistic Practice?
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British Journal of Nursing - Volume 15, Number 19: 26 October-8 November 2006. Tissue Viability Supplement, pages S27-30